News Flash: We Agree!

I’ve had several conversations over the past weeks where people say I don’t sound like a Republican when I talk about the mental health and drug crisis in our state. I know, it seems paradoxical, but I can hold both of these things at once. I am fiscally and socially conservative, AND I know that our communities lack the necessary support for people who find themselves struggling with addiction and mental health concerns (often both). Our current representation in the US congress has worked to get Federal funding to the granite state to help with our current drug crisis, yet we still see treatment facilities closing their doors. If a person wants to work through their personal struggles, there must be resources available to them.

It affects all of us (Democrat, Republican, Independent, and everyone in between) as we watch our neighbors, friends, and family members wrestle with addiction and other mental health concerns. We may disagree on how we form solutions to our current crisis, but we agree that there is a crisis. If elected, I’m committed to having those conversations and policy debates.